Quick 2 Minute Video Shows How You can Quickly Come Up with a Good Headline or Email Subject Line

I just did a quick video to show you how easy it can be to come up with a good headline or an email subject line. Click Here to Watch it.  Video plays on the next page.  Enjoy!  


8 Minute Challenge – Review and Bonuses!

8 Minute Profits 2.0 is based around the same kind of marketing but uses different traffic sources and has been tweaked to make it better and easier to use. Now the first thing that I will say is that the original 8 Minute Profits sold over 6000 copies and had …


Quick Start Challenge

I’m on board and ready to do the Quick Start Challenge.  This course was specifically designed to get someone up and running with Internet Marketing in just 4 weeks.  Each week a fresh course is introduced with an assignment at the end.  Complete the assignment a you recieve a valuable …